Product Highlights Tissue grade and FUJI/SAKURA & LTT series
FUJI/SAKURA series New generation WSB triple-layer forming fabrics
LTT series 14-Shed triple weft-layer forming fabrics
Tissue Grades WSB triple-layer designed specifically for todays high speed tissue machines
TT-800H WSB triple-layer for tissue paper
Forming Fabrics FILCON’s forming fabrics by layer type
Single & 1.5-layer FILCON’s OS series and OFE series forming fabrics
Double-layer FILCON’s SS series and LL series forming fabrics
2.5-layer LL-E, LL-FE, SS-E and SS-BE series forming fabrics
Triple-layer FILCON’s TT-520F and FUJI/SAKURA series
Triple Weft-layer FILCON’s LTT series forming fabrics
Selection Guide Helps you select the right fabric for your needs
Preparing for Use A few precautions before using our forming fabrics
Operations Tips on how to get the most of our forming fabrics
Controlling Lifetime A few tips to help you to extend fabric’s lifetime
Nonwoven Mesh belts for nonwoven manufacturers
About FILCON Introducing who we are and what we do
Contact Us Inquiry form to contact FILCON Fabrics
Site Map Site map of FILCON FABRIC’s website

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